Second Crimean War # 238


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The Doodler
22nd Jan 2013, 11:44 PM

Sorry, Kayyum. :(

Incidentally, the throw Iaroslav is doing to his unfortunate opponent is real, and it looks pretty cool in real life (the guy doing it aimed off-center because it was practice and he didn't really want to hurt the guy :P ). He's hitting him below the belt with a closed hand and the back of his wrist, grabbing his wrist, getting under his weight, and flipping him over.

If you've ever seen someone put an orange on one hand and roll it along their arms and shoulders down to the other hand, it's basically the same principle. It actually doesn't take a ton of strength, since most of the lift comes from your legs. Here's the best thumbnail, if you want to see it more clearly without Bohdan's dude in the way.]

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