Second Crimean War # 251


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The Doodler
16th May 2013, 11:11 PM

Now not eating bacon, that means something.

Veli's not kidding about the catfish, btw. Check out this leviathan!

They're called Wels catfish, for the curious.

And no, he's not being entirely honest. :P

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Tantz Aerine
15th Jun 2013, 5:52 PM

That's so well done! The whole scene, and the water especially :)

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The Doodler
16th Jun 2013, 6:46 PM

Ah, thanks! I'm a little uncertain about my ability to draw water, since I'm new to it. I'm glad it seems to be working.

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Joshua Cranmer
27th Feb 2018, 11:35 PM

Well, if Yana could get the oyster open with her bare hands, then the oyster was going to be bad anyways.

As much as I like oysters (but not their price), I'm not going to be opening raw oysters myself. Oysters (well, the live ones at least) shut their shells hard as a protective measure, and it requires a knife and a fair amount of force to open. Not to mention you need the knife to cut the oyster from its shell (although I had oysters last night and the chef was kind enough to do that already, which makes the eating much easier).

I'm also not so sure what about their taste would be objectionable. The main thing you get is the salty taste of the water, particularly after the flesh goes down the throat (because salty water is just what you ate). Hell, my first oyster tasted like cocktail sauce. :-)

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The Doodler
28th Feb 2018, 9:58 PM

I maybe should have explicitly shown it, but it's John who's handling the Opening of the Oysters -- maybe he borrowed Yana's knife, or more likely has one of his own. He's from Miami, most of his vacations growing up and as a young adult involved coastlines, and he has a fondness for seafood of all kinds. (He's also being the Responsible Adult Who Knows About the Sea atm -- on a previous page he was yelling at them to be careful with diving.)

Yana is from pretty far inland, and maybe hasn't seen the ocean until, well, basically "now" in-comic. She may have encountered freshwater shellfish in creeks, but she's probably not eaten one or had any idea how you'd open one -- her ancestry and surrounding culture of her home is ethnic western Ukrainian with some Hutsul, and oysters aren't a regular feature of her diet, to put it mildly. And while the Cemilevs' cultural homeland has a nice long coast, they (and probably their parents and maybe even grandparents) grew up entirely in Samarkand, which isn't noted for its beaches. : P

As for Yana's dramatic reaction, I think we can chalk it up to texture. I've met some fervent oyster-haters (people who joke having to eat the things is a violation of the 8th*, I'll sign anything you want, etc.) and their main complaint seems to be the texture -- it's apparently shockingly slimy to some people, especially if it's unfamiliar. You can't argue taste, I guess.

The real problem here is that Bekir's type of Islam (most types of Islam, in fact) is totes fine with shoveling various creatures of the deep into the most devout maw. (I'd imagine that Yana vaguely conflated it with kosher regs -- but I like to think that as the story progresses, she picks up an encyclopedic knowledge of other people's religious beliefs re:food, for the sole purpose of going "Hey, you gonna eat that?") Bekir, you coward, you sit upon a throne of LIES. Well, ok. One lie. Not a very big one. But "You sit on a stepstool of LIES!" fails to have the same ring.

*the 8th amendment of the US constitution, these were Americans.

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