Second Crimean War # 264


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The Doodler
4th Aug 2013, 9:25 PM

Just for the record! In the fourth-to-last panel, Matapang is discussing the FIRST Chechnyan War, because the second one was later (and may or may not happen in this alternate timeline). Also, the kid with the gun on the left side? That's an example of a war crime on the part of the separatists. The solider on the right side -- war crimes of the federal (Russian) army, who sometimes detained and killed civilians. Wars with good guys are sadly rare, and Chekhov and Matapang both know it.

I can't find the article about conversions of FSB guys (Matapang is being a little inaccurate by calling them KGB -- she might be messing with Chekhov a little.) but this has a little on it. It seems that a lot of them converted during the first Chechnyan war. (OMSB intersection of religion and politics!)

Oh, points to those of you who know who Matapang's paraphrasing/quoting in the 7th panel.

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