Second Crimean War #442


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The Doodler
22nd Nov 2017, 7:57 PM

What do you bet Chekhov has like, fifty of those grey shirts with the Mysterious White Oval on them?

I picture it going something like him staggering back to the apartment circa 1993 or thereabouts under a stuffed trash bag or something and emptying out a pile of identical shirts and Tasia being like "...what?" and him going "But shit," (or words to that effect) "it was 99 cents!"
"What's the white thing?" says Tasia, be(a)mused.
"Printing error. They fit great. ...why are you looking at me like that? They ARE grey, aren't they?"
"Yeah, they're grey."
"Oh thank god." (He's red-green colorblind, and had a brief desaturated vision of them being like, a searing lime green and Slava hooting with laughter and informing him it's a good thing he's already married with a general lack of style like his.)

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Tantz Aerine
23rd Nov 2017, 6:23 PM

Man, landlines... that's exactly how we held the receiver to our ear when snuggling. And love the anectode about Chekhov!

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The Doodler
24th Nov 2017, 5:23 PM

I'm just glad my job still has those phones, since I don't have one at home anymore -- handy for references!

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