Second Crimean War #50

Joshua Cranmer
16th Jan 2018, 11:07 PM

Hmm, looking back at these old comics...

That Cyrillic is clearly English transliterated to Cyrillic as opposed to Ukrainian or Russian. The "БУКВҐЕТ АНД БЕЕФ" is supposed to be pronounced /bukwget ɑnd bɛɛf/ according to Wikipedia; the probable translation should have been "гре́чка і я́ловичина" if Wiktionary is to be believed. (Also, interesting that you use exclusively capital letters at this point).

Was the transliteration an intentional slip-up, or did you not know the languages at the time? Also, is it meant to be Ukrainian or Russian written on these packages?

Finally, I think you have Г and Ґ mixed up, judging from the Wikipedia page on the Ukrainian alphabet.

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The Doodler
19th Jan 2018, 10:28 AM

The erudite internet has exposed my ancient (ok, like 8ish years old, fine) shame.

Yup, the idea at the time was Cyrillic flavor text that wouldn't be gibberish. If I was drawing this page now, it'd be in Ukrainian and with authentic packaging design. It might be fun to redraw a few older pages one of these days, to compare.

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